The Panzergrenadier is the standard infantryman of the Panzergruppe West.

Upon joining PGW, the new member will be placed on a one year Probationary period in which they
will have time to acquire the needed items for the basic impression, and to learn the manual of arms
(drills, commands, marching etc) after which time they may if they show the interest and initiative to
specialize in another impression that will benefit the unit as a whole.

As for the duties of a Panzergrenadier, they will include as mentioned above the needed basic
commands but also weapon handling, hand signals, and field maneuvers in support of armor. And
any other training a regular infantryman would be expected to know.

ITEMS REQUIRED: Standard uniform, equipment, K98 rifle


SPECIAL DUTIES: To be knowledgeable of their impression and to interact with the public and to
answer any questions they might have.